JavaScript Casino games

In order to best understand how JavaScript is used it is useful to analyse an example of a casino game. In this article we will be looking at slot machines.

A traditional slot machine contains multiple columns of numbers or images. The columns spin and displace the images or numbers along with it. Wins are determined depending on how many are matching when the spin has ended.

JavaScript can be employed to create a fun, aesthetically pleasing and enticing slot machine game. A designer could pick a theme and base the game around this. For our example we will choose space as the core theme and visual motif.

First the casino game designer will need to decide on the background image. They could choose space. This image does not have to remain static. With JavaScript coding the background could be an animation of an epic space battle that changes depending on if the player wins or loses.

Next they will have to design the slots themselves. Each slot element could be an animated image. For instance the slots could be gifs of aliens, planets or astronauts. Interactive codes could be written into the slot images using JavaScript. If a player wins a or loses the image animation could display a different graphic. For instance if the player wins the alien could smile or if they lose a planet could explode.

The most important reason for using JavaScript as a programme for developing an online casino game is the fact it has so many interactive applications. It is crucial that the game player can interact with the onscreen site. The scripting language allows the player to click a button to spin the machine.

Underneath or above the interactive game display a graphical column containing the player’s progress information can be displayed. This can include a countdown timer, player score, winnings total and rank scoreboard. JavaScript code is utilised not only for the figures within these columns to change via animation. They also control the inner working that calculate the figures themselves.

But what about getting the player to click on the game page in the first place? How do you advertise the game effectively on a casino home page?

This can be done by utilising JavaScript as a coding language. Graphic web designers can creating an eye popping graphical animation that also doubles as a hyperlink to the game itself. This graphical advertisement is usually colorful and fits in with the visual theme of the game.

When the prospective casino game player clicks on this advertisement image the JavaScript code will send them to the game page. Often in order to create an effective advertisement the programmer should not just have experience in JavaScript. They should also be qualified in graphic design. This too goes for designing the visual theme and aesthetic of the game itself. If a programmer feels they do not have the design skills for this it is advisable to hire a third party to outsource the artwork.